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Client's case study:
how to monetize F2P games
with effective CAS.AI mediation

In case you've been wanting to try publishing for a long time, but haven't made up your mind, this story is for you. Here you will not face self-promotion and loud statements. It is a real story of 3 brothers who learned how to create games by themselves using YouTube guides.

After 1.5 years of hard work, they managed to enter the top 3 in terms of installs in Google Play rankings in the "Racing" category in 16 countries. Read the CAS-case study to see how it all started and how they managed to grow their revenue 80 times in 4 months.

Allow me to introduce our guest!

Meet our hero and client Ibrahim. He is 21 and it is the case when it doesn't matter how old you are. The important thing is the right collaboration. In 2021, he and his 2 cousins founded Fail Games, a mini-game studio with a proper distribution of responsibilities.

It all began in high school when they started trying programming by learning on YouTube. At first it was simple websites and Android apps. By trial and error something began to work out. However, only last year they ventured to start developing games on the Unity engine, learning it on their own from YouTube tutorials.

First results in 1.5 years

In 1.5 years they managed to achieve significant results - several games with half a million installs. However, the most significant result was with the help of CAS.AI platform. Thanks to it, the game Car Crash Royale reached 1.5 million installations and entered the top 3 in the Google Play ranking in the "Racing" category in 16 countries.

As a proof - the graph. It shows how after the beginning of cooperation with us, the number of installations per day has increased dramatically by almost 10 times.  

The beginning of cooperation with CAS.AI

"The very first game was a modification of one extremely popular TV series at the time. Only Google AdMob was used for its monetization. However, Google itself briefly blocked the studio account on AdMob for unknown reasons. After that, the decision to try CAS.AI mediation appeared by itself," says Ibrahim.

We treat each partner the way we would like them to treat us. Consequently, we advise in all fields: page optimization, advertising placement, game design efficiency.

Our main work is in external advertising monetization. For example, within 2 days after contacting us, Ibrahim published a game with our SDK and the next day 12 networks participated in auctions for his playsets.

We consider that the most important thing is timely payments without delays, as well as professional technical support in a short time. That's what started our cooperation with Fail Games and what we don't plan to finish with.

CAS.AI publishing

After 2 months of cooperation, we offered Ibrahim and the co-founders of "Fail Games" to expand the format and switch to publishing.

When switching to this format of cooperation, the terms are quite different:

  • Your monthly earnings stay yours — 100% guaranteed;
  • Any extra we make together, we split it 50-50;
  • We take care of Google Play and Apple App Store, get more players, and make cool ads;
  • Developers improve the game using our advice.  Teamwork for success!

For a successful app boost, having a catchy icon and store page is key. With A/B testing, we try different looks to see what users like. We regularly add 3 new designs, check how many people view and download them, then pick the best-performing one to be the main look for the app. It's all about regular testing and finding what works!

As a result of this testing series and selection of the top performing icons, videos and screenshots, the conversion rate to installs increased by 31%.

We highlighted the visual aspect of cars moving in the game, attracting more attention and significantly boosting the conversion rate.

A crucial step is smartly getting more players so that the cost to bring them in (CPI) is less than what they bring in over time (LTV), making the economics work out.

The most key element in reducing CPI is working with ad creatives. Ad creatives were chosen based on current statistics.

For example, creatives V010 and V015 showed the best results. Therefore, further campaigns are built using them. However, it does not mean that the experiments with finding and improving creatives are over. We continue to test and select the most effective ways to promote the app.

Contract and x80 profit in 4 months

At the beginning of 2023 we signed a contract and started working on promoting a new game from "Fail Games" studio - Car Crashing Simulator. The result was immediate - the income increased 3 times. The main project Car Crash Royale brought incredible results - top 3 by installs in Google Play rankings in the "Racing" category in 16 countries. The total ad income in January without buying traffic from 76€ increased from 76€ to 240€ in February (with a purchase of 51€). Already in March from 1540€ to April the profit amounted to 12,770€.

Thanks to the high quality of the game, ASO optimization, proper purchase of traffic and getting into the ranking of the top 3 best games the number of new users already in April increased to 820 000.

In 4 months after the contract for game publishing the profit has grown by x80 times!

Today the results are impressive, have a look at the real-time screenshot.

Through mediation and building hybrid models and micromanagement for top GEOs revenue has grown 2.5x!

The future with CAS.AI

Success comes when you are ready for it.

Compare the "path" the game app has come up to the current moment  At the beginning of the promotion (December 2022), the income as well as the profit was €135.

In March 2023, income and profit increased significantly to €1,560.

In July, income increased 10 times more than it did in March, reaching €15,600, while profit amounted to €6,500.

The Fail Games studio, headed by our young hero, plans to increase income from all its games by ten times. In the future, they are going to conquer new heights in the TOP charts, and this is just the beginning of their big plans. With a successful division of responsibilities, they can achieve even more!

Mediation allows you to maximize your profit in the shortest possible time.  Publishing provides new opportunities for testing and creates a positive perception of the app, which increases the installation rate.

This is not the only example when the result exceeds expectations and allows for an increase in profit from the game by almost fifty times in 8 months.

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