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CAS SDK is fully integrated with all major ad networks, as well as with the leading mobile in-app RTB exchange with 140K+ mobile apps on over 1,8 billion mobile devices globally

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Why CAS better?

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Effectiveness above the market

CAS has been developed as an in-house product for 6 years, which earns more than existing solutions on the market.

Unique programmatic solution

Оur robot processes 1M+ requests per second! Due to this, CAS finds and receives the maximum possible price of advertising for each(!) impression.

Low ANR and crash rate

When you integrate the CAS SDK into the app, its overall performance, specifically in terms of ANR and crash rates, remains stable, and in certain scenarios, it may even improve because of the transition to the CAS platform.

Strong Ad Network Connections

CAS works smoothly with major ad networks, giving you great service and special prices that smaller clients don't get.

No loss guarantee

You have nothing to lose if you try. We fix your revenue in the first month of CAS connection (you are insured against a decrease in revenue), and during the test period we are ready to pay net30 (in fact, in advance).

CAS Boosts Ad Earnings for 3000+ Apps

We tested CAS on thousands of apps, and it performed beyond expectations, leading to a significant 30-150% increase in ad earnings.

Comprehensive customer service & support

We usually reply to customers` requests within minutes. We also fulfill additional customers` requests: preparation of custom contracts, monthly invoicing, structuring payments, etc.

Independent platform

CAS doesn't play favorites with networks; we just pick the most profitable ads, regardless of the source.


Simple ad networks integration to your app. No need to register,
integrate, support, control & manage every network separately. We provide one SDK, one account & one dashboard.

Hybrid model: bidding + price waterfalls

CAS effectively combines both bidding and price waterfalls - this model has proven to be better than just bidding mediation.

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